11:00 AM
What’s for Brunch? A Cooking Demonstration

MAIN STAGE | Featuring Chef Lauren Marshall of Real Fake Meats, Kirsten Costello of Wild Leek, and Jessie Doyle of Springhouse
An exciting on-stage cooking event to help you improve your brunch game! Learn how to make “chicken” and waffles, vegan quiche, and a fruity chia parfait from our local chefs while they share culinary techniques and nutrition tips.

12:00 PM
Starting at the Roots: Reducing Food Waste & Insecurity

WORKSHOP ROOM | By Rebecca Watts and Sarah Little of Square Roots
Are you interested in reducing food waste and food insecurity? Dig in to how you can work with Square Roots to address these issues in your own home.

1:00 PM
Plants for the Win: Healthy People, Thriving Planet, and a Compassionate Life

MAIN STAGE | By Mary-Ellen Landry of SLS Health Coaching
A dynamic talk on the health benefits of a plant-based diet: including preventing disease and everyday tips on how to live your healthiest!

2:00 PM
The Rise of Animal Rights Law in Canada

MAIN STAGE | By Camille Labchuk of Animal Justice
This informative talk will explore the state of animal protection laws in Canada and explain how each of us can play a role in transforming our legal system into one that takes animals seriously.

2 :30-3:30 PM
Official VegFest Photobooth

With Stoo Metz Photography

3:00 PM
What the HECK is Kombucha Anyway & Why Would I Drink or Make My Own?

WORKSHOP ROOM | By Teresa Topshee of Pop Culture Brew Co.
An interactive workshop featuring the benefits and history of kombucha – including a step by step guide on how to make your own!

4:00 PM
Activist Stories and Effective Tips for Growing the Movement

MAIN STAGE | By Jevranne Martel of Vegan Outreach Canada
An everyday guide on how to have effective discussions with family, friends, and coworkers about veganism.

5:00 PM
Fueled by Plants: Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

WORKSHOP ROOM | By Lindsay Hallman of iO Health & Fitness
A beginner-friendly introduction to plant-based eating and how to ensure your nutritional needs are being met.